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Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers at the opening day on the 10th of May, 2012.
Please refer to the programme for further details.

State of the Union: Achieving the Internal Market

Claude Mandil (Former Director IEA, confirmed)
Philip Lowe (Director General, European Commission – DG Energy, confirmed)
David Newbery (Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge, confirmed)
Inge Bernaerts (Head of Unit, European Commission – DG Energy, confirmed)
Guido Bortoni (AEEG, confirmed)
Daniel Dobbeni (President, ENTSO-E; CEO, Elia, confirmed)
Alberto Pototschnig (Director, ACER, confirmed)
Pippo Ranci (Professor of Financial Ethics, Cattolica University, confirmed)
Juan Perez (Director – Strategy & Business Development, EPEX Spot, confirmed)

– § –

State of the Union: Mitigating Climate Change

Denny Ellerman (Director, Climate Policy Research Unit (LdP/EUI), confirmed)
Carlo Carraro (Rector of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice; Coordinator, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Programme (FEEM), confirmed)
Jos Delbeke (Director General, European Commission – DG Climate Action, confirmed)
Carlos Batlle (Associate Research Professor, University of Comillas, confirmed)
Ronnie Belmans (Professor of  Electric Power and Energy Systems, University of Leuven; Honorary Chairman of the Board of Directors, Elia, confirmed)
Simon Blakey (Special EnvoyEurogas, confirmed)
Karsten Neuhoff (Head of Department Climate Policy, DIW Berlin, confirmed)
Jorge Vasconcelos (Chairman, NEWES, confirmed)

– § –

State of the Union: Implementing Security of Supply

Leigh Hancher (Professor of European Law, University of Tilburg, confirmed)
Jeff Makholm (Senior Vice President, NERA, confirmed)
Walter Boltz (Managing Director at E-Control; Vice President at CEER; Vice Chair, ACER’S Regulatory Board, confirmed)

Jacques de Jong (Senior Fellow, CIEP, confirmed)
Francisco de la Flor (President, GLE, confirmed)
Helmut Schmitt von Sydow (Professor of European Law, University of Lausanne, confirmed)

– § –

 State of the Union: 3 Energy Pillars or 3 Energy Policies?

Jean-Michel Glachant (Director, Florence School of Regulation (FSR); Holder, Loyola de Palacio Chair (LdP) at the EUI, confirmed)
Heinz Hilbrecht (Former Director, European Commission – DG Energy, confirmed)
Ignacio Pérez-Arriaga (MIT & University of Comillas, confirmed)

– § –


Simon Wright (The Economist, confirmed)
Ferdinando Beccalli-Falco, (President and CEO, GE Europe & North Asia, GE Germany, confirmed)
Jean-François Cirelli (President, Eurogas; President, GdF Suez, confirmed)
Fernand Felzinger (President, IFIEC Europe, confirmed)
Jürgen Groβmann (CEO, RWE, confirmed)
Christian von Hirschhausen (Professor of Infrastructure Policy, Berlin University of Technology; Research Director at German Institute for Economic Research DIW Berlin, confirmed)
Umberto Vergine (Director General, Eni, confirmed)

– § –


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